Lake Conservation webinars

This page provides links to future webinars and archives of past webinars in the MGLP’s Lake Conservation series as well as other webinars of interest to our audience. We encourage speakers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise in the MGLP webinar series. Please email MGLP Coordinator Joe Nohner if you are interested in presenting.

Presentations with the MGLP logo are part of the Lake Conservation webinar series; other relevant webinars from our partners are also listed.

Upcoming webinars

Please check back at the end of Summer, when we’ll post our Fall 2023 webinar lineup.

Archived webinars

 WhenSubjectPresenterArchived webinars
April 26, 2022A Field Study of Maximum Wave Height, Total Wave Energy, and Maximum Wave Power Produced by Four Recreational Boats on a Freshwater LakeJeff Marr and Andy RiesgrafArchived webinar
April 19, 2022Dibaginjigaadeg Anishinaabe Ezhitwaad: A Tribal Climate Adaptation MenuRob Croll, Sara Smith, Matt HudsonArchived webinar
April 12, 2022The Wisconsin Shoreline Stabilization Outreach ProjectTravis Tulowitzky and Quita SheehanArchived webinar
March 29, 2022Working with lake shore property owners on natural shoreline restoration in northeast South DakotaJason Jungwirth and Rhet RussellArchived webinar
March 22, 2022Glen Lake Guardians: Promoting best management practices for watershed protectionTricia DentonArchived webinar
March 1, 2022Starry stonewort ecology, impacts, and managementDaniel Larkin and Wesley GlissonArchived webinar
December 14, 2021Managing Tribal Fisheries and Employees on the ReservationCarl KlimahArchived webinar
November 9, 2021Structured Decision Making for Lake Habitat RestorationJessica CollierArchived webinar
October 19, 2021Understanding patterns of fish kill events in Minnesota and Wisconsin LakesNick PhelpsArchived webinar
October 5, 2021Fishing for Food: Quantifying Recreational Fisheries Harvest in Wisconsin LakesHolly EmbkeArchived webinar
September 7, 2021The forgotten seasons: non-summer algal dynamicsRebecca NorthArchived webinar
August 10, 2021Barrier Removal and Aquatic Organism Passage in Lake SystemsJessica CollierArchived webinar
June 22, 2021Limnology in SpaceEmily StanleyArchived webinar
June 1, 2021Seasonal Habitat, Temperature, and Depth of Adult and Juvenile Ogaa (Walleye) in Mille Lacs LakeCarl KlimahArchived webinar
May 17, 2021Walleye habitat: considerations for successful natural reproduction and stockingJoshua RaabeArchived webinar
May 4, 2021The hidden role of iron in primary productivity in some Midwest glacial lakesBetsy SwannerArchived webinar
April 20, 2021Development of dissolved oxygen, temperature, and nutrient thresholds to protect cold water fish species in Minnesota lakesDerek Bahr and Will BouchardArchived webinar
April 13, 2021The past, present, and future of the Sauk River Watershed District’s youth and adult outreach programsAdam HjelmArchived webinar
April 6, 2021Protecting Coldwater Fish Habitat in Minnesota LakesPeter JacobsonArchived webinar
March 24, 2021Social/community acceptance of natural shorelines: Lessons from 20 years of promoting soft shorelinesJohn HartigArchived webinar
March 24, 2021Promoting lakeshore protection: An introduction to social marketingBret Shaw and John HaackArchived webinar
March 24, 2021How waves workBrian MajkaArchived webinar
March 24, 2021Defining No-Wake Zones for Wake Surf Boats – A Data Driven ApproachAlex RayArchived webinar
March 24, 2021Wave Energy and the Bioengineering ContinuumJen BuchananArchived webinar
March 2, 2021Stearns County SWCD Shoreline/Streambank Restoration Program ProcessGreg BergArchived webinar
February 16, 2021Leaving a Lake Conservation Legacy – Cost/Benefit analyses for planning lake conservationPaul RadomskiArchived webinar
 November 20, 2020Quantifying resilience of coldwater fish habitat to climate change and watershed disturbanceGretchen HansenArchived webinar
 June 24, 2020Aquatic plant identificationUniversity of Wisconsin – Extension LakesArchived webinar
May 18, 2020Introducing Shoreline Living: A resource to promote natural shorelines on inland lakesErin FullerArchived webinar
May 7, 2020Burnett County Shoreline Incentives ProgramDave FerrisArchived webinar 
April 30, 2020A forest landscape approach to lake habitat protectionDaniel StewardArchived webinar
 April 24, 2020Enhanced Wake Watercraft Impacts on LakesChuck Becker & Jeffrey MarrArchived webinar
April 23, 2020Let’s Make Healthy Lakes & Rivers Together: Wisconsin’s Effort to Improve Habitat & Water QualityPamela Toshner & Jim GiffinArchived webinar
April 16, 2020Top to bottom trophic interrogation of Michigan inland lake communities using eDNA metabarcodingKim ScribnerArchived webinar
 April 1-3, 20202020 Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers ConventionMultipleArchived webinar
February 25, 2020Woody Habitat Science and Restoration ImplementationGreg Sass & Scott ToshnerArchived webinar
February 11, 2020A regional perspective on adapting inland glacial lakes fisheries management to climate changeRalph TingleyArchived webinar
August 14, 2019Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership GrantJoe NohnerArchived webinar
August 6, 2019Michigan’s Shoreland Stewards ProgramJulia KirkwoodArchived webinar
 May 1, 20192018 AFWA Climate Adaptation SurveysAFWAArchived webinar
May 15, 2019Getting the most out of the MGLP Conservation PlannerKevin WehrlyArchived webinar