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Request for proposals: 2020 Lake Conservation Grant

The Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership (MGLP) is announcing its annual request for fish habitat conservation project proposals. We support conservation projects that work toward meeting the goals and objectives set forth in the MGLP Strategic Plan to benefit glacial lake fish habitats, which include addressing the chemical, physical, and biological components of the habitats that fishes found in glacial lakes use throughout their lives.

Conservation Planner

The Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership’s Conservation Planner provides data to inform communication, management, and research to benefit fish habitat and lake ecosystems. The planner is based on the MGLP’s Phase II Assessment of Inland Lake Fish Habitats, which is in preparation for peer-reviewed publication. When published, we will share a link to it on this website; in the interim, please contact Joe Nohner with questions regarding the planner, assessment, or data availability. For information on how to use the viewer, reference it in publication, and a legal disclaimer, please see the User Guide.

This planner works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge platforms; it does not work in Internet Explorer. If you only have Internet Explorer, we recommend using the portable version of Chrome or Firefox, which should not require administrator approval to run.


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